Above the Tracks

Belle Plaine Area Museum and The Henry B. Tippie Annex

We wanted to start writing a weekly blog on the web site about little snippets of Belle Plaine history. Stories or events that we have run across that we think people will find of interest. We also get visitors that have Belle Plaine relationships and we wish to share that as well.

If you read old newspapers, you remember seeing a section that had local news. A two sentence comment on who was visiting from out of town or a trip that someone made. We won’t go into that much detail on a weekly basis, but hopefully tell of friends or families that have come to visit the museum.

I am saying we here, because I am enlisting the help of Wes Beck in this project. Wes Beck is our Achivist and he opens the museum. He is from Belle Plaine and has a history major from William Penn College . He is the son of Richard and Nelsene Beck. (for those of you that were wondering from which Beck family).

If you have a question or were ever wondering about a story of Belle Plaine, send us a note at info@bpiowahistory or send a pm on the Belle Plaine Area Museum facebook page, we will do our best to write an answer. Mitch Malcolm